Aya Bergkamp

“Are you able to be yourself entirely in both countries?”


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About Aya:

Born inthe Netherlands
Lived inthe Netherlands
Visited Japan16 x
Lived in Japan-
Speaks Japanese⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪
Reading and Writing⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪

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  • Facebook User says:

    My countries are Japan and USA. In Japan, no. In USA, yes.

    I love Japan, though.

  • Good question! Japan is such a homogeneous society (though I see an increase in haafu’s and expats) and has such a strong culture that I often feel like a stranger in the midst, but as Japanese people consider me to be gaijin they don’t mind my foreign quirks and are far more forgiving to me than they would be to full Japanese people. But when I look at my physical body type, I feel more comfortable and free-er in Japan. Ive had so many comments about my skinny Japanese genes while growing up between ‘big boned Dutch kids’ and that has made me very conscious about how I dress myself. In Japan that’s no issue for me at all.

  • Facebook User says:

    I’m usually an outgoing person that likes to say funny stuffs: a typical Osakan when I’m here.
    But when I go to the states I can’t express myself more than Japanese so I’m mistaken as a rather 大人しい person which I’m not at all Lol

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