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“When in Japan, have you ever left unmentioned you are hāfu?”


Please share your answer to the question in the comment area below. どうぞページの下部に質問にお答え下さい。

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  • Kanta says:

    I usually always mention it, because the matter naturally follows the usual “Why do you speak Japanese?” question. 😉

  • Bobby D says:

    Sometimes because most of the time when I said I’m haafu, Nihonjin, 999% of the time, would reply, うそぉぉぉぉぉぉぉ! So I started resorting to going with Italian which is what they think, LOL.

  • Karen Abe says:

    I guess cases when it’s not mentioned are rarer and even when it’s not mentioned I usually get the stare or people would have a confused face or they look like they really want to ask the question.

  • Joshua F says:

    Although I’m half-Japanese half-white, I pretty much look like a “pure” Japanese so people almost never notice that I’m hafu until I mention/they notice my name. Very rarely someone will look at me and immediately notice that I’m hafu, and when that happens I’m just surprised and maybe a little happy that they did.

  • No, I have naturally curly hair, big eyes, and I’m tall. Me and my siblings stick out so much in Japan! My brother is 6’4″ and me and my older sister are 5’8″. My youngest sister was the only child to have a monolid and be shorter so prople actually assume she is Japanese and the rest of us are treated like gaijin.

  • No! I was always treated like gaijin but felt more Hafu, so always felt the need to communicate that.

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