Mark Shigeaki Kuroda Ortega | 黒田マーク茂明

“How much of your personality are you willing to sacrifice in order to adapt to both cultures?”


Please share your answer in the comment area below. どうぞページの下部に質問にお答え下さい。

Born inMexico
Lived inMexico - US - Japan
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SpeaksSpanish - Englsih - Japanese - French

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  • Andrew Hanawa says:

    It’s great to embrace both cultures, but try to experience the culture of the place you’re in, as you will always go back home to your original culture.

  • Bobby D says:

    None, I can’t change in that sense but I can respect what is acceptable in both cultures. Fortunately my personality doesn’t really need to change from what I’ve experienced thus far in both countries and cultures. On the other hand I think if one lives in both countries we can change in our appreciation of some things unique to Japan and our other culture as well, which would be reverse for those haafu whose main culture is Japan.

  • I believe we cannot sacrifice ourselves in order to adapt, what we do is learn and adapt the best we can, it is a survival matter (adapting I mean). And learning to adapt is a human characteristic, we change every day because we learn new things and our thoughts change, therefore our ideas, attitude, and conclusions change.

    On the other hand, when it comes to personality, we are what we are, and as hafu we are two cultures in one, but this does not define us, is just a mix of DNA, culture, learning, education, social adaptation, and our very own essence.

    The saying goes: “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do” and I think it is about respecting the other culture.

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