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“Do you think it is fair to use your hāfu-ness as an excuse to get out of things?”


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  • Bobby D says:

    I always use whatever advantage is available, hah hah. But seriously it depends on what I’m trying to get out of. Hard to get out of say going to a wedding or a funeral just because we’re haafu, but if it’s some kind of “giri” that I don’t want a part of I might try to use that if I can as an excuse. 😀

  • Karen Abe says:

    Absolutely! Sure we don’t fit in their boxes. It’s not our fault.

  • Kamna says:

    I think it depends. Sometimes I feel like I’m expected to know all about the three cultures I grew up with and I’m a disappointment of I don’t. But then again, people have given me passes because I’m hafu… but I feel like it’s always said in a way that implies that I don’t know because I’m not pure blooded.
    I think as long as you’re true you yourself and are satisfied with who you are, you can get into or out of anything you wish. We as hafu have a unique perspective of society, cultures, and the world because of it.

  • Payton Miyazaki says:

    Yes!!! But it’s important to acknowledge that not all hafus have the same “hafu” or “foreigner” privilege of getting out of things (for example, I as a white hafu, am looked at with a lot nicer eyes when I mess up than my Chinese hafu, friend)

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