Hāfu in Osaka (14 ~ 21 January)/大阪のハーフ(1月14日〜21日)

Hāfu in Osaka (14 ~ 21 January)/大阪のハーフ(1月14日〜21日)

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Looking for Hāfu in Osaka

For the next phase of Hāfu2Hāfu, I will be interviewing and photographing hāfu in Osaka from 14th to 21st January 2018. I am looking for hāfu of all ages and from every possible country (1 person per country) in the world combined with Japanese. Please find a list of countries I have covered so far here.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in participating.

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Read Frequently Asked Questions Here

How long will it take?

Typically, we would sit down for about one hour to talk about various aspects of being half Japanese. This can be your home or a coffee shop or any other place suitable for a quiet conversation. At the end of this hour, we go outside to take the photo in natural daylight.

Do you need to prepare a question?

It helps if you think about what you want to talk about before we meet, but this is not a requirement. I have prepared a set of questions that should get us through most aspects. If you haven’t prepared one, your ‘Hāfu2Hāfu question’ will come up naturally by the end of our conversation.

Do you qualify for Hāfu2Hāfu?

I am looking for half Japanese people, ‘mixed’ with every possible other half in the world. You qualify if one of your parents is fully Japanese and the other has one other nationality (mixed heritage or race are fine).

What will happen with the photographs, interviews and questions?

One photograph, your Hāfu2Hāfu question and some basic personal information such as your name, age and parent’s nationalities will be published (online). All other things we discuss during the interview will remain between us and will never be disclosed in a way that it could lead back to you. Ultimately, having the project exhibited or even published are goals too. This means you should be fine with signing a release form to confirm this. If you are a minor, your parents should sign it for you.

Will you get paid?

Participating in this project is entirely benevolent.





インタビューの前に何について話したいか、少し考えて頂ければ助かりますが、必須ではありません。インタビューがスムーズに進める様に、私が質問を用意して行きますし, 会話の中から自然とご自身の質問が形成されて行きますのでご心配いりません。




参加して頂いた方の写真1枚、Hāfu2Hāfuの質問、そして名前や年齢、ご両親の国籍などベーシックな個人情報が公開されます(このサイトに既に掲載されている個人情報項目を御参照下さい)。 それ以外のインタビューの内容は、守秘義務を守り、ご本人の身元が判明する形で外部に公開されることは決してあません。プロジェクトを何らかの形で大衆に公開、展示、出版するのもこのプロジェクトの究極な目的のひとつなので、参加者には承諾書にサインして頂くことになります。未成年者の場合は、保護者にサインして頂きます。



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