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“If for some reason you have to choose, which nationality would it be?”


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  • Bobby D より:

    We need to be world citizens instead of having nationalities in a perfect world. A lot of the world’s problems are because of this, the divide then conquer way of thinking that the global elite use to divide peoples. Of course the aforementioned is idealism, it’ll never happen…

    If I had to choose I’d probably go w/ US simply because I can still live in Japan with a Child of a Japanese National visa and eventually get permanent residence status (eijuken) in Japan which is probably what I will do in the future.

  • Karen Abe より:

    I would choose Japanese as I am now married to an Irish. Even if I wasn’t married, I think I would choose Japanese only because it seems quite difficult to renounce Irish citizenship. I have enquired about this a number of times (not to actually renounce it but just out of curiosity) and I get advised not to.
    I wish I felt as secure as Payton Miyazaki about my Japanese identity but I have to admit I am not there yet. I have only really accepted that I am both Japanese and Irish in the last few years. This will be my next step.

  • Laila Lackmann より:

    I would defenitely choose Japanese, since my other half is Palestinian, and its passport is valueless when traveling. I still keep it though, because it’s easier to go to Palestine as a Palestinian than as a foreigner.

  • Joshua F より:

    I used to think it would be Japan, only because it’s much harder to acquire Japanese nationality later if I changed my mind. But with the current political situation in Japan, I’m not sure. I might go with US.

  • Ken Umezu より:

    Probably USA. Going through US customs as a foreign national means wasting huge amount of time in queue

  • Payton Miyazaki より:

    I had to choose between my American and Japanese passport when I turned 22 and I chose my American, but it was an easy decision for me because I don’t think this choice makes me any less Japanese. I am still Japanese by blood, I just decided that an American passport just happens to be the passport that would be most convenient for me to have.

    • Bobby D より:

      Hate to tell you this but, no, you did not. There are plenty of haafu with dual nationality just as there are Nihonjin born in the US who have it due to birthing rights but passport officials don’t bat an eye for those people.

      All you would have had to do when asked is deny you have another nationality. There’s no way for them to find out….


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