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“What do you consider to be the ‘typical’ Japanese characteristics that you use to solve problems?”


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  • Fumi より:

    Apologizing, when you did a mistake or even you are not responsible for this issue. This is not a solution, but it can defuse the situation.

  • Ken より:

    Sometimes Japanese deal in indirect way to solve a difficult problems. It can succeed sometimes, and fail other times too. More direct western approach isn’t always successful either.

    • Emi Arimoto より:

      Oh yes! As you said, I am one of those. For example, I tend to solve the problem in an “indirect way” so I would not be involved in a fight or some trouble. Japanese even have the terms “tatemae and honne” that describe how they deal with problems.
      On the other hand, I think that another Japanese feature that I have is being a detail-oriented person. I am not saying that non-Japanese people aren’t like that, it is just that I think that that feature characterizes Japanese people (generally speaking)
      These characteristics may be stereotypes, but I think that these define the majority of the Japanese population.


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