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“If your sibling was raised in ‘the other country’, would you be envious of him or her?”


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  • Megumi Brownlee より:

    Absolutely! I would say that “envious” is a bit of a strong word so I would use “jealous” instead but if my brother grew up in Japan, I would be super jealous. I also think that it’s part of human nature to want the things you dont have.

    At this point in growing up, I would’ve had social media and so I would be completely and fully aware of all the amazing food they have there and even drool over the limited time Starbucks drinks only in Japan! Like who wouldn’t be jealous?

    But despite that, I would also be able to appreciate and be thankful for growing up in Canada because it’s a lot more casual and accepting, especially taking into consideration that I’m a 5’10” female. Growing up in my adolescent stages may not have been so kind to me in Japan, as I can see myself being bullied. Overall, I’d say that I would be jealous but I would also appreciate the things I already have and love in Canada. After all, if I grew up in Japan, i would be completely overweight by now by binge-eating all the unhealthy but delicious foods they have! ;p

  • Karen Abe より:

    Yes, I think I would be envious. I think my sisters and I are all around the same level now.

  • Yukari より:

    My sister and I were raised in the same country (the other) but because I spent time as a baby and toddler in Japan while she didn’t, I feel she is less Japanese then I. No envy or anything. It is just a another difference between us, like a different character trait.

  • Atsushi より:


    Probably! But as long as there is a relationship, I think it would be ok, if not great.


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