Mike Smith | マイク•スミス

“How do you find peace and balance between two opposing cultures?”


Please share your answer to Mike’s question in the comment area below.

About Mike:

Born inthe Netherlands
Lived inthe Netherlands
Visited Japan10 x
Lived in Japan2 x 1 year
Speaks Japanese⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪
Reading and Writing⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪

  • Atsushi より:

    (half English, half Japanese, anthropologist). I think it is the connection/relationship established between them that makes them both/from which they acquire their meaning as opposed/harmonious/dynamic/staid, etc. So really, I think the answer to your question rests on how one chooses to manage (ugh, not right word…live? Engage with?…) that relationship.

  • I was not raised to view them as opposing cultures. I find peace wherever I am. 🙂

  • Emma-Lee Koide より:

    I have two personalities, one Japanese and one American. My personality and way of acting changes depending on where I am. Though I was born and am being raised in Japan I feel most relaxed in America. Japan has tooooooo many rules.

  • Facebook User より:

    Peace and balance is an issue for every individual….

  • Facebook User より:

    The life in Okinawa is very calm & stress free compared to living back in the States!!!! I want to go back to Okinawa!!!!! After all I was raised there!!!!!

  • Bobby より:

    Embrace them both, be thankful you are a part of two amazing cultures and people. Differences make the world a much more interesting place plus we got to eat a variety of food growing up that the world is just now waking up to, esp from the Jpnse side. 🙂


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