Pecha Kucha Tokyo: Hāfu2Hāfu explained in 6.40 minutes

Pecha Kucha Tokyo: Hāfu2Hāfu explained in 6.40 minutes

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On June 22nd, I was invited to share Hāfu2Hāfu at Pecha Kucha Tokyo.

Pecha Kucha was created by Mark Durham and Astrid Klein, two Tokyo based Architects. It was first held in Tokyo over 10 years ago, and is now run in over 1.000 cities worldwide. Presentations all follow the following set format: 20 images x 20 seconds. This means every presentation is 400 seconds or 6.40 long, forcing the speaker to concentrate on the bare essential.

Sharing the project in front of one of the initiators of this event, was a true honour, and the vibe at Super Deluxe was incredible. Thank you Pecha Kucha Tokyo!

Watch and listen to the presentation here:

Photo credits: Brian Scott Peterson

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