Akane Eskola | エスコラ茜

“What custom or tradition did you hate as a child but do you embrace now?”


Please share your answer in the comment area below. どうぞページの下部に質問にお答え下さい。

Born inFinland
Lived inFinland - Japan
Speaks Japanese⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫
Reading and Writing⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪
Other languagesJapanese - Finnish - Englsih - Swedish - Russian


  • Niko Karppinen says:

    Hoips, Japaniin tulee päädyttyä Tokioon 4.3 🙂
    Jos oot maisemissa niin ois mukava morejestaa

  • Megumi Brownlee says:

    Eating rice, believe it or not. Although it was only because I didn’t realize you could eat it with meat or other “flavoured” dishes haha.

  • pagikarp says:

    Well I hated using chopsticks but now I LOVE ‘EM! Also I’m super hyped cuz I’m half japanese and half finnish as well.

  • MB says:

    Bento lunch, so many more parts than just a sandwich and chips, also smelled differently. Now I’ll take all the Japanese food I can get!

  • Ken Armstrong says:

    i guess recently , my mother was 2 or 3 beers deep and saw me wearing my hat inside the house. She was concerned and told me i shouldnt wear my hat inside the house. At this point i then became angry because i thought my mother was being weird because she was a few beers deep. When shes buzzed the Japanese comes out i think.. After all this , i now do not wear my house inside the house or even other homes. Ill even take my hat off to eat or when im meeting important people.

  • Daniel Wiltshire says:

    When living in America as a child our mother made us take off shoes before going into the house. I hated that. Other Americans didn’t do this, and my mother would let guests wear shoes in our house because they were unfamiliar with this custom. Now I cannot imagine wearing shoe in the house

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