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“Growing up outside of Japan, do you think you have an accurate image of Japan?”


Please share your answer in the comment area below. どうぞページの下部に質問にお答え下さい。

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  • Leila Bove says:

    I agree.

  • Leila Bove says:

    I’m from the U.S. and I personally do think I have an accurate image of Japan. But, I go to Japan almost every summer, so that’s why. If I just went off of off what the majority of Americans think that go to my school, I would definitely be very off.

  • Bobby D says:

    Not at all until I lived in Tokyo. I highly recommend any haafu who is able to live in Japan for at least a year. We could live there 20 years and still not understand it all….like moi. :D

  • Atsushi says:

    No. Japan is way too stereotyped as an exotic Other. There was a brief series television programmes -documentaries, Japanese films – many years ago in Channel 4 (UK). It was severe and seized upon only the things that would sustain the stereotypical image of Japan/ese for Western consumption (i.e the market/audience).

    The different incarnations of sushi around the world should have its own hafu portrait up here!

  • Shinoda Cindy says:

    I moved to Japan in 2015, the reality of ‘Japan’ I longed for is not as I expected. Same as Mr Peyton Miyazaki, I can see much of social, families, and other problems arise together along with days I spend here. And those problems are barely seen by people who doesn’t live in Japan. It’s far than accurate.

  • Payton Miyazaki says:

    The longer I’ve been living here as an adult, the more hidden social problems I see arise to the surface everyday…

  • My mother is Issei, and my Japanese grandfather and aunt lived with us for most of my childhood so I think I have a decent image of Japan though maybe dated…

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