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“Are you more attracted to mixed or non-mixed people?”


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  • Tim Traxler says:

    I sent a message earlier and have since thought, maybe, I did not included the correct email address.

    I am just checking…..making sure.

    This is a very interesting project….glad to have the opportunity to be included.


  • Tim Traxler says:

    Dear Ineza,

    I am hoping you will remember meeting me in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. I believe it was in February or March of 2020 when Covid-19, the Corona Virus was taking over the planet. More about our encounter later.

    As for being more attracted to mixed or non-mixed people, …well, at my age, now 77 years, married to a beautiful woman for over 40 years, and well-traveled I have seen all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. Mixed or non-mixed is not an issue with me. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, like with lions and elephants, I guess you could say they are of the same species—non-mixed. However, when you really look at the diversity of the human population none of us people look like we are of the same species—all different sizes, shapes, looks, colors, and features. In my view very few of us resemble each other, except within families, but even then, it is not always true.

    As for meeting Ineza in the coffee shop…we wondered in separately, I had never seen her before in my life, and at first glance, I could not take my eyes off her—she is so beautiful. As we briefly got to know a little about each other, it was obvious to me that her amazing beauty was on the inside too—much more than skin deep.

    So, you might say, I am attracted to the whole person. What I see is: we are all mixed and mixed-up by the billions all over the world. Each person, unlike goats and cats, has his / her own personal / individual physical identity (and maybe goats and cats do too—I don’t really know). Although the differences of mixed and non-mixed people can often be apparent, those differences are not all that important to me. Each of us has our own essence of attractiveness to others…and there are plenty of people to be attracted to you, and for you to be attracted to others be it men or women, casual, social or sexual.

    In any day, I see people I am attracted to…even at my age. And I like to think I am attractive too. I guess the questions should be, how do you feel about being mixed or non-mixed? How do you feel about your own attractiveness, about your self-esteem and self-confidence?

    Sadly, among humans prejudice can come into play…that influences who we think is attractive. But, as the rest of us all know, “that is callous, cruel and stupid!”

    I hope to be in contact Ineza again sometime soon, as we have a mission to accomplish…finding Kazuko Kato.

    Very Sincerely,

    Tim Traxler

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