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“What aspect of being hāfu are you most grateful for in life?”


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About Kat:

FatherNew Zealand
Born inJapan
Lived inJapan - New Zealand - USA
Speaks Japanese⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪
Reading and Writing⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪
SpeaksEnglish - Japanese

  • Atsushi says:

    Japanese half…one thing that springs to mind is the food! Struck lucky there.

    There are deeper responses circling around a kind of richness I think, not just cultural, but some kind of obligatory open-mindedness to difference perhaps, which has served me very well around the world. Also phenotypically, I am a bit ambiguous in most places, that seems to facilitate acceptance of sorts. Will have to think more about this one…

  • Having more than one perspective. Being free of negativity toward any particular group of humans based on genetics. Everyday I feel lucky that I grew up in Japan in the 80s, when so much joyful and true art and entertainment was produced.

  • The cultural exposure and feeling connected to something bigger. I also like feeling and looking unique as a result of being hafu. As a kid, we grew up celebrating every single Japanese, German, and Scottish holiday. I learned to cook foods from all of my ethnicites. I was just exposed to more languages and taught to be more culturally tolerant – this heloed shape the person I am today.

    • Manako Maddisonマディソン学子 says:

      That’s the same with me! I got to celebrate the English way of celebrating Christmas and The Japanese way of celebrating the New Year’s!
      (I think eating good goose and Christmas pudding is whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa better than eating roasted chicken/KFC tbh)
      I always felt privileged that I’m able to understand both the languages, the culture, and the history.

  • Emma says:

    Scrolling through the portraits I thought “This lady reminds me of my baby!” (Sorry if that sounds very weird…)
    I was amused to see you are Kiwi Japanese like my baby ❤️
    Looking forward to reading the answers to your question!

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