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“Can you name examples of discrimination that are specific for hāfu with your ethnic background?”


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  • Manako Maddisonマディソン学子 says:

    In England…..
    1) Asked if I’m blackbelt in martial arts, and I’m like “mate, I can’t even kick a football, do you expect me to kick someone’s Jaws off?”

    2) shocked when I say I don’t really like sushi but I like spaghetti.
    Friend: “But you’re Japanese!”
    Me: “Well I don’t hear you screeching how you love fish and chips! What’s your problem?”

    3) Being told to stop speaking about Japan. “I’m sorry but just because you feel insecure about the British Empire doesn’t mean I can’t speak about my love for the Edo and Heian Period you git!”

    4) Ranting/Protesting about the Whaling culture to my face
    “Bitch please you eat rabbits and lambs, one of the cutest animals on earth, and you’re blaming me on eating Whales? ”
    “And I’m not even a whaler!”

    5) Oh we know that you watch Hentai Manako don’t lie!!!!
    “….. You have onscreen sex in your drama whilst we don’t. Case closed. “

  • Hero V says:

    In Japan? Hmmm where to begin…
    1. As a pure Asian person (Filipino-Jp), they don’t give me enough credit for being able to articulate myself in English. This has happened to me both on the professional and casual setting on countless occasions.
    2. Whenever a half-Westerner introduces him/herself, surrounding people respond with a resounding “wow”, “sugoi” and “ii na.” As for me, i get something along the lines “あ、フィリピン人なんだ.” (“Oh, a Filipino.” in a seemingly disappointed manner)
    3. A story by someone close to me: overhead japanese workers saying “上司がアジア人なんてありえない。。”
    (I cannot fathom the thought of having an Asian as my boss)
    4. (This applies to asians in general) At a 合コン (group date) in 下北沢, the opposite sex were chatty with the Western “delegation”. 2 hours of my life wasted seated nearby, drinking and eating chijimi and takoyaki.
    5. That we filipinos are forced to introduce ourselves as “スペイン系フィリピン人” just so the rest see us as “desirable.” Really ridiculous, considering that the Philippines was colonized by the Espanol for 300+ years, and so chances are most of us Filipinos today have a strong Spanish ancestry.

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