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“Have you ever caught yourself being protective over Japanese immaterial cultural heritage?”


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About Lisa:

Born inthe Netherlands
Lived inthe Netherlands - USA
Speaks Japanese⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪
Reading and Writing⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪
SpeaksDutch - English - Japanese

  • S says:

    At times, I realize that I support Japanese sports teams or players because I know that some players are challenging at overseas. I experienced similar things before,. Also I have proud to some Japanese foods. ( I can not stand to see westernized Japanese foods)

  • Ken says:

    I always cherish the beauty of Japanese culture which you can’t see/feel nor experience in the western culture. Certain things about Japanese culture, I don’t accept nor appreciate, but as a whole it’s great culture. It’s nothing to protect, it’s in part of my nature.

  • Protective, no! I am an American born citizen. What I have a hard time with is when the Olympics are happening and we challenge Japan. I get just a little torn, because I love Japanese culture.(;*

  • Facebook User says:

    Yeah I hate it when non J-friends try to educate me on Japanese food or culture I already know about…

  • takm says:

    all the time!
    I just love every aspect of Japanese culture or tradition!
    Especially, now that I am living abroad, I tend to do so even more…:)

  • fri says:

    “Itadakimasu” 🙂
    I like the fact that everyone starts eating at the same time. Also “gochisosama” to show appreciation to the person who cooked the meal either at home or in a restaurant, and to the person who paid for the meal.

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