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“Being raised by one parent only, how would you react if you met your other parent for the first time as an adult?”


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  • Melissa Sachiko says:

    My Japanese mother stayed in the country of my Dutch father, because my sister and I were already born there and didn’t have a Japanese citizenship.
    Even though a lot of things have happened while my father was missing and left traumas, I still can’t resent him because of his own terrible traumas and past. My sister on the other hand will never forgive him nor does she have mercy for his situation which I can also understand.
    The last few times I met him after 15 years of not knowing his whereabouts was unfortunately in the hospital when he was close to dying. With the miracle that he lived through that I had no regret seeing him to say goodbye at that time. Now I’m still trying to get the courage to meet him as just a person instead of a father. There is much to be learned about the other parent that brought me into this world and I want to hear it out of his own mouth. I know his story and he knows mine, now I just want a full normal random conversation as just two individuals.

  • Atsushi says:


    I dont have this experience personally, but imagining…I would certainly want it to happen, and I would definitely think it would be enriching and interesting one way or another.

  • Shinoda Cindy says:

    I never meet my other parent, but if I do, I wish I talk to them as an adult, not their child. Whatever it is, my parents has their own reason to separate. And I forgive them.

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