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“Is it easier to come out as gay in Japan than the ‘other’ country?”


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  • Satou Rin says:

    I’m also a Filipino-Japanese, I think coming out in the Philippines would somehow be better than coming out in Japan. In the Philippines, you can say that the LGBT community is now on its way to being accepted, even though it’s not fully accepted due to Philippines being a majorly Catholic country, it’s safe to say that the LGBT community has been acknowledged by the public. The Filipinos are being more open nowadays about this topic.

  • Ryan Okazaki says:

    I’m gay, my father is Japanese-American, and my mother is Filipino-American.

    Coming out, for me, was fairly difficult, because my father was hypermasculine and would sometimes get angry if I showed my more sensitive side. Also, my parents are Catholic and I have felt a homophobic sentiment amongst the Catholic community in my experience.

    I came out to my parents at the age of 16, and my parents were surprisingly very supportive and loving.

    My father, however, still holds some prejudices against gay and transgender people, and I still feel that I cannot open up to him completely.

    I feel that I cannot judge whether my coming out process was more difficult than those in Japan because I have not lived or heard about their experiences, but I do know that other Asian-Americans my age (in their 20s) have had much more difficulty coming out to their families. Many have not for fear of being kicked out of their home, punished, or invalidated.

  • I guess in Philippine may be easier compared with Japan somehow… everyone may have their own definition of coming out, like for someones telling their friends or their parents is enough but for someones may think unless telling the entire that he/she is gay THAT IS coming out… It’s an open queston depends on what is coming out means to that person and what kind of life he/she wants to live.

  • Theodore Nagase says:

    My “other” country is the USA, so definitely easier in Japan. Japan doesn’t have that strong of a problem with gays in general, but the USA has a good share of people who hate gays.

    • Jennifer says:

      I think it would depend on where in the USA you live. For example, in the Seattle area you would be fine.

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