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“What ethnical background are you mostly attracted to?”


Please share your answer to this question in the comment area below. どうぞページの下部に質問にお答え下さい。

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  • Facebook User says:

    The question is about ethnicity, but the responses are about race. Ethnicity and race are two different things. For example: Hispanic is an ethnicity … culture, religion, language. There is no Hispanic race. Hispanics run the gamut from white European to African descent. Race is regarding genetics … what people look like (e.g. light vs. dark skin).

  • Facebook User says:

    Hands down Asian men. I have always been like this. I married a Japanese man what can I say?

    My men need to be Asian enough to get why I loved Japan so much. That sounds racist I realize but I have always had kimochi for Japan and if they weren’t connected to it, I can’t see the relationship working out. Wakarimasu ka?

  • Facebook User says:

    Multi-culturally experienced is more interesting to me than someone that has learned very little about people’s lives around the globe. And once you gain this global experience either through reading, observation, or travel; live a culturally inclusive life. It is less about genetics and more about one’s vision about peace.

  • Facebook User says:

    I married a hafu

  • Facebook User says:

    I certainly have a tendency to date Asian women more than anything else. A handful of white and Hispanic women as well. I’m guessing that might be due to me being subconsciously more comfortable with people of Asian descent, but I’ve never really thought about it.

    I suspect it actually might just be due to the circles I travel in. I’m not so sure I’m “deep” enough to really think about ethnic background or how I might get along with someone. I probably just date anyone I find physically attractive in close proximity. :-)

  • Facebook User says:

    I’ve only dated ‘tanned’ guys before. From half Jamaican to Filipinos, also haafu but now I’ve been happily together with my pretty white baby daddy for the past 8 years. He’s half Spanish half Dutch and we definitely share that sense that we don’t really belong to one or the other.

  • Facebook User says:

    I would say I tend to be more attracted to people of mixed race and/or those with darker skin

  • Facebook User says:

    ‘hopeless attraction to any and all ethnic types

  • Facebook User says:

    Hmm…for guys, I don’t think I have a racial preference. My last fwb/ex/whatever you want to call him was half black, half Mexican + white, but my ex before that was full white, and before that hapa. And for girls, I have been attracted to mostly tan Latinas, but I’ve crushed on hapa girls and white girls too lol

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