Tokyo Interlopers – an interview with Tetsuro

Tokyo Interlopers – an interview with Tetsuro

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In January 2019, Tetsuro was interviewed by Isaac “Tac” Aquino, the founder of Tokyo Interlopers.

“I was born and raised in Belgium to a Japanese dad and a Belgian mom. My father, who was a karate teacher, passed away when I was 14. My first job was at a Japanese credit card company in Amsterdam, to prove to the world that I could work for a Japanese company. But because I wanted to do something creative, I gradually moved to advertising. However, with no creative background, I did what people with no skills usually do—become an account manager. From there, I started doing my own side project, which eventually turned into my company (I was promoting tap water while trying to get people to drink less bottled water).

Read the whole article here. 

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