Youtube: Life Where I’m From x Hāfu2Hāfu

Youtube: Life Where I’m From x Hāfu2Hāfu

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This summer I had the chance to meet Greg Lam from Life Where I’m From for the second time. The first time, he interviewed me for his documentary about being Japanese. This time I try to answer a few questions from the then newly released Hāfu2Hāfu photo book.

The questions I try to answer are:
• How can Japanese changing society benefit from your hāfu-ness?
• If for some reason you have to choose, which nationality would it be?
• In what moment did you first realise you were different?
• Would you feel more relaxed in a third country that does not make part of your identity?
• Have you ever met a hāfu with the same roots, but who grew up in the ‘other’ country?
• What would you tell your younger self?
• What is your first impression of the word ‘hāfu’?
• What is in your lunchbox?
• What is being Japanese?

Although never easy, I hope I gave useful answers to these difficult questions.

Thanks Greg for having me on your show.

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