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This copy includes a signature by Tetsuro Miyazaki.

Hāfu2Hāfu is an ongoing worldwide photography project exploring what it means to be hāfu – a person with one Japanese parent. Japanese-Belgian photographer Tetsuro Miyazaki has interviewed and portrayed fellow Japanese hāfu, with a parent from nearly 100 different countries. The 120 people in this book do not answer questions but ask them: each hāfu poses a question to you, the viewer. With these questions, Hāfu2Hāfu is creating dialogue and stimulates self-reflection about identity, so that we can find answers of our own.

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  • Paperback
  • 20,5 x 24 cm (HxW)
  • 152 pages
  • 120 photos and questions
  • 98 different ‘other’ countries represented
  • Foreword by Duncan Ryūken Williams
  • Introduction by Nina M. Cataldo
  • FAQ to Tetsuro Miyazaki

ISBN: 978-90-9031496-9

Hāfu2Hāfu in The New York Times

‘If you gaze at the many portraits of half-Japanese subjects photographed by Mr. Miyazaki, you can see the searching in their faces, the puzzling out (…) But you can also gain the sense that there are deep currents, forces old and powerful, in opposition to wall-building and racial hunkering.’

New York Times 2016

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